Har Ki Dun trek

har ki dun trek

Har Ki Dun trek is one of the most sought-after treks in the Garhwal Himalayas.The valley of Har-ki-Dun is A winter paradise and trekker delight, Har Ki dun Valley is a Stairway to wonderland. One thing differ this trek from other is that you can trek here on summer and winter both, and its beauty will amaze you in each winter. It will take you through most charismatic alpine meadows, Pine forest and Glaciers which is a treat to the eyes.

Har Ki Dun trek itinerary

DAY  1

Dehradun – Sankri  


Sankri – Seema Cheludgad Camp


Seema Cheludgad Camp – Har Ki Dun Bhasla camp


Exploration Day Har Ki Dun – Manida Lake -Jaundhar Glacier 


Har Ki Dun to Cheludgad via OSLA village



Cheludgad camp to Taluka – Sankari



Sankri – Dehradun 

Day 1 Dehradun – Sankri

From Dehradun, drive to Sankri via Mussorrie. Lunch will be had along the way. The drive is a delightful one as the path takes you along the Yamuna, exquisite Tons river and pine forests. Once you reach Sankri that is steeped in natural beauty, check into the hotel. In the evening, enjoy a stroll in the charming village and warm up for the Kedarkantha trek to come ahead. Overnight can be spent in the hotel.

Day 2 Sankri – Taluka - Seema Cheludgad Camp

Day 3 Cheludgad camp to Bhasla camp Har Ki Dun

har ki dun trek

DAY 4 Exploration Day Har Ki Dun -Manida Lake - Jaundhar Glacier

Day 5 Har Ki Dun to Cheludgad via OSLA village

Day 6 Cheludgad camp to Taluka Sankri

Day 7 Sankri to Dehradun

The last day of the trip is the departure day where the trekkers need to travel back to Dehradun. distance takes about 9 to 10 hours

you can plan how to spend the day fruitfully on your own, be it sightseeing or shopping, Dehradun will not disappoint you.

Trip ends here…

Har Ki Dun Trek

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Day 1 Dehradun – Sankri

Total distance 210 km – 8/9 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By taxi

Altitude – Sankri base camp – 6300 Feet

Night stay – Hotel

 Etravelfly arranges the transport of trekkers from Dehradun Railway Station in the morning, which leaves for Sankr from about 06:00 to 07:00.

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and one of the most beautiful places in India. The main attraction of this place is the Rajpur road that runs through it and gets a glimpse of the beauty of Dehradun. Reach Mussoorie in an hour, also known as the “Hills of the Queen”. People visit there a lot with family and friends during their vacation.

After half an hour to come to stop Eat. The break is up to 1 hour. Before the peaks are visible and still you come close to the sacred Yamuna River. If you want, then take a short 20-minute break and enjoy it. In addition, you cross small markets in Nainbagh, Dammam and Naugaon.

Arrive at Purola around 13:30 and take a break there for lunch. After lunch, continue through Sankri Jarmola. From there you can see the back of Kedarkantha. Go through the picturesque zigzags in the middle of the Jarmola pine forest.

Reach Mori and after an hour you will collide with a checkpoint. They ask for Aadhaar cards and some other details. Ahead is Sankri, enjoy driving and the wait is soon over. Reach a hiker’s paradise and Sankr’s main market.

Go to the hotel, relax and enjoy an evening meal on the open terrace with great views. You will be given some details after which you can go for an evening walk but be at the hotel for dinner.

Enjoy a delicious dinner and spend a nice night in the mountains.

Day 2 Sankri – Taluka – Seema Cheludgad Camp

 Total distance 23 km – 4/5 Hours journey

 Mode of journey – Trek 12 km and by taxi 11 km

Altitude – Cheludgad camp  8530 Feet

Night Stay – Camp site

 After breakfast, ready for all hikers, we drive towards Taluka on the way to the beautiful forest with many species of trees. Taluka is a small village with concrete houses and where you can easily find a few shops and hotels. The hike starts from Taluka and the view of the magnificent snowy mountains follows you all the way.

Go ahead, cross the bridge over the stream and follow the path. Walk through the dense forest and the Supin River along the way can be seen flowing through the forest below. Continue hiking and a village called Dhatmir will appear on the right.

In front is a lush green meadow that leads further into the wooded area. The path turns into a mixture of a steep and leveled path and then muddy.

After a few hours of hiking, the Supin River can be seen flowing through the forest. Now cross the forest section and reach the green fields and shop along the way.

From there, cross the bridge and a little higher you will be greeted by views over the rising peaks. To get to Cheludgad campground today, set up your camp here and retire overnight. Enjoy your first tent evening here


Day 3 Cheludgad Camp – Bhasla Camp Har Ki Dun

 Trek Distance 13 Km – 6/7 Hours journey

Mode of journey – On foot – 13 km

Altitude – Har Ki Dun Basecamp – 11500 Feet

Night Stay – Camp site

 After breakfast this day, start your journey across the Supin River, see the beautiful Oslo village on the lift side – Cheludgad to Har Ki Dun. It is better to choose a steep climb because it is a shorter route. The path takes you through a dense forest where you can easily spot fallen trees along the way. This place is very rich in flora and fauna, so enjoy observing the variety of trees and animals in this area.

Cross the flowing streams and hike along the river. Meadows with stunning mountain views open up, but the path turns muddy.

In front of the road, cross the bridges, come up and a waterfall will appear. Come across many streams on the way you cross with rocks. The route then becomes steep and further leveled. The river on the left remains visible until you come to Har Ki Dun campsite to enjoy the moonlight here..

Day 4 Exploration Day Har Ki Dun – Manida Lake -Jaundhar Glacier 

Trek Distance – Manida Lake 6 Km – 3/4 Hours journey

Jaundhar Glacier – 14 km – 6/7 Hours journey

Mode of journey –  Trek

Altitude – Har Ki Dun – 11500 feet

Night Stay – Camp site

Wake up early and glance at the gushing waters of the Son and Supin rivers. After breakfast, explore the pristine Har Ki Dun Valley, where there are endemic alpine flowers that cover the meadows with alpine vegetation.

Then the meadow opens up and the majestic views of the snow-capped mountains are a feast for the eyes as we ascend higher enjoying the views of the lush valleys and views of the Jamdar Glacier and Swargarohin and Hata Peak

Manida Lake

Lake Manida is 3 km from the valley. Take a left from the campsite, then hike towards Hata Peak and run into undulating meadows with many wildflowers. Reach Lake, Brahma Kamalin and fan kamal, laser, are found there in abundance, and the glaciers and valley views are exotic.

Jaundhar Glacier

If you want to go to the Jaundhar Glacier, 7 km from Har Ki Dun Valley. then you have to cross the ridges, the path is not easy and stays covered in snow, but forward it makes it easier.

After reaching the last ridge you will see the Jaundhar Glacier and other steep peaks, then we return to the campsite and enjoy delicious evening snakes, soup and dinner while enjoying the size and staying there.

Day 5 Har Ki Dun to Cheludgad via OSLA village

 Trek Distance 13 km  6/7 Hours journey

Mode of journey – Trek 13 km

Altitude – Cheludgad camp – 8530 Feet

Night Stay – Camp

After a packed lunch, the hike begins in the Har Ki Dun Valley via the village of OSLA, 13 km away. Enjoy beautiful sights and different landscapes along the way. The sights of Black Peak and Bali Pass will surprise you.

OSLA, it is a famous village with a lot of beautiful culture and there is a temple “Someswar Mahadev” built in ancient architecture. The villagers believe he lived in this village and worship him.

Spend time in this village and return to your campsite in Cheludgad. Enjoy the food and stay in the tents.

Day 6 Cheludgad Camp to Taluka – Sankari

 Trek Distance 23 km – 5 / 6 Hours journey

Mode of journey –  Trek 12 km – By taxi 11 km

Altitude – Sankri base camp – 6300 Feet

Night Stay – Camp

After breakfast, it is easy to land from Cheludgad to Taluka. Along the way there is a glimpse of the peaks remaining strong and the green scenery. The last view of this hike

Follow the same path through rich forests. Find birds and caves along the way. Reach Taluka, vehicles will be arranged from there and arrangements will be made at the Hotel.


DAY 7  Sankri – Dehradun

Distance – 210 Km – 8/9 Hours journey

Mode of journey – By taxi

 The last day of the trip is the departure day where the trekkers need to travel back to Dehradun. distance takes about 9 to 10 hours

you can plan how to spend the day fruitfully on your own, be it sightseeing or shopping, Dehradun will not disappoint you.

Trip ends here…






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