This peaceful aquatic paradise is home to a bevy of marine life, including the magnificent nurse shark. Harmless to humans, these unhurried creatures can grow up to 10 feet long, and form an impressive sight as they glide leisurely along the reef. Kids will love these up-close-and-personal experiences with nature at this pristine atoll. With minimal interference from boats and planes, wildlife is more inclined to visit. Even our Over-water villas and suites have a sinuous walkway that, from above, forms a shape reminiscent of a stingray!
For a more relaxing activity, consider the resort spa, and book an appointment for an indulgent massage or any other special spa treatment. Meals are never dull with our wide array of dining options. Both local and international fare is served, so you can opt for something exotic, or relish the taste of a well-loved dish. If you’re looking for something more romantic, we will be only too happy to prepare a more customised dining experience in a secluded location, for example, on our white sand beaches.
When you’re turning in for the day, retire in one of our 90 remarkably spacious rooms. The sweeping views from each and every chic room at Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives are cleverly complemented by the airy, open, Italian-styled interiors. In our water villas, it’s nothing but you and the open sea! Throughout the hotel, each and every accent echoes the movements and natural tones of the ocean’s depths, so feel free to go with the flow…

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives

This tranquil, serene water paradise is filled with a variety of marine creatures which includes the majestic nurse shark. Humans are not at risk, and these gentle creatures can grow to 10 feet long and provide a striking image as they glide through the coral reef. Kids will love these up-close-and-personal experiences with nature at this pristine atoll. With no interference from planes and boats wildlife is more likely to come by. Our Over-water villas and suites feature a curved walkway that, when seen from above, creates a form that resembles an Stingray! If you’re looking for a relaxing experience take a look at the spa in the resort and make an appointment to enjoy a luxurious massage or other spa treatment. The menus are never boring thanks to our diverse choices for dining. International and local cuisine is available, so you can pick something different, or enjoy the flavor of a beloved food. If you’re seeking something romantic, we’ll be delighted to tailor a dining experience at a quiet area, such as on our white sandy beaches. If you’re ready to end the night, relax to one of the 90 spacious rooms. The breathtaking views from each and every stylish space in Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives are cleverly enhanced by the light and open Italian-styled interiors. The water-side villas are where there’s all you need is you and the sea! In the entire hotel, each and every detail echoes the movement and natural tones that emanate from the ocean’s depths. take your time and move with the flow…

Room options


The loft’s terrace promises stunning views of the white sandy beaches and ocean.


Welcome to the lush, breezy beach house you’ve always dreamed of!


View of the ocean is all yours, you can take a dip into the crystal clear waters with a staircase from your balcony to the water

2 bedroom beach POOL SUITE

The most spacious room type, and the perfect place to relax, the Water Suite with Pool sprawls out to an astonishing size

SUNSET water bungalow with jacuzzi

The loft’s terrace promises stunning views of the white sandy beaches and ocean.

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perfect honeymooners



How to Reach Resort



Take Flight to Male International Airport



Get Visa On Arrival For Indians



Meet Hotel Representative At Airport




Take a seaplane ride to the resort(25 Mins)



Buffet breakfast in resort Other meals you arrange on your own


Breakfast + Any 1 Meal Out Of Lunch and Dinner in the Resort


All Meals Included Recommended to Enjoy the Food Variety


All meals along with alcohol included in the package Best for honeymoon