Coorg - Madikeri

Abbey Falls

Abbi Falls, is located about 10 km from the town of Madikeri and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in and around Coorg. The cascade of water that descends from the cliff to a height of 70 feet offers a spectacular scene to see. Nestled in the lush vegetation typical of Western Ghats landscapes, waterfalls attract hundreds and thousands of people throughout the year, especially nature lovers and photographers.

The waterfall is situated among private coffee plantations through thick coffee plants and spice field with trees intertwined with pepper vines. There is a suspension bridge in front of the falls, from which you can see, capture and remember the most picturesque scene of white moss spilling out of the ridge. The flow of falls leaves a significant amount of water spray on those who remain on deck for some time.

A few streams and mountain streams join to form one of the most beautiful waterfalls in southern India and fall from its cliff when the water flows to join the Kaveri River or Cauvery as its tributary. The walk to the falls from the main entrance is about 200 steps down and runs through exotic coffee plantations, cardamom, pepper and other spices. This is a fantastic opportunity for shutters to capture the true beauty and grace of the natural world. Although swimming is prohibited in the falls, the essence of the place is enough to attract tourists every day.

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