Nubra Valley also known as “Flower Valley”, Nubra Valley is a beautiful valley town in Ladakh. The beautiful snow-capped mountains and the valley with its lush green atmosphere also have important Buddhist monasteries. Samstanling and Diksit are well-known monasteries where tourists can visit here. The 35-meter statue of Maitreya Buddha is also worth a visit. In addition to its natural beauty and cultural heritage, the place is also known for hiking. Many popular hiking trails around the valley attract many adventure seekers every year. Zanskar Valley It is one of the outermost regions of Ladakh.

The valley spreads over 300 km2 and can only be reached through high corridors. It’s a great place to hike. Many of the breathtaking hiking trails around this valley are a real challenge for hikers. June to October is the perfect time to visit this secluded place. Hemis Monastery Hemis Monastery is the most important Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Ladakh, located in Hemis Town. The popular Hemis festival dedicated to Lord Padmasambhava is held every June in the monastery complex. Attracts a lot of local people and tourists. The monastery also has many beautiful statues and murals showing the rich Buddhist art and culture. Lamayuru Monastery, also known as Yuru Gompa, Lamayuru is also an important monastery located in the Kargil district of West Ladakh. It is one of Ladakh’s oldest and largest monasteries, with a permanent abode for over 450 monks. More than 150 monks live inside the monastery. These are some of the important places to visit when traveling to Ladakh. Tourists enjoy much more of their actual trip. Outstanding natural beauty, adventure destinations and a number of important heritage sites will surely grab tourists’ hearts