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This temple over the rock is truly impressive. The temple is built on a steep cliff and when you come here you may feel like you are sitting on the throne of Bali. At sunset, the atmosphere becomes truly mysterious.
The Uluwatu Temple (Pura Uluwatu or also known as Pura Luhur) is one of the nine most important temples in Bali (Pura Kayangan Jagat). Although a small temple was claimed to exist in the past, according to writings, the building was either started or greatly expanded by the Japanese latch, Empu Kutura in the 11th century. He was a monk of Majapahit who also participated in the founding of several other temples in Bali.
Another East Java lake, Danghyang Nirartha (Dwijendra), is being recognized for building Padmasana Shrines and is said to have reached Mokshan Uluwatu. Legends show that he reached the highest spiritual point of unity with the gods in lightning strikes and completely lost.

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