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Mandalpatti, situated on an elevation of about 4050 foot, is at the top of a hill, 18 km starting the town of Madikeri in Karnataka. A much loved destination for environment lovers, Mandalpatti’s point of view has the power to charm any tourist visiting the area and invites him to come back again and again. This blessed region is part of the forest of the Pushpagiri Reserve. The incessant tranquility and inexhaustible wonders of this place will soothe you and make you want to visit again and again. There is nothing better than to perch at the top of this mountain watching birds hovering over distant hills. The spot is particularly famous for the view it offers at sunrise and sunset, when the distinct red and pink hues of the sun’s rays filter through many clouds, making the view as strange as it is beautiful.
If you visit Coorg and come enjoy your experience with the place but want more, take a bumpy ride through the coffee plantations and take a gentle bend towards this lovely nature and add a finishing touch to your trip. memorable!
If you are amazed by the adrenaline rush of climbing challenging mountains, trekking from the base to the top of Mandalpatti Hill is what you need. The trek is about 200 m high, but do not let this relatively small height let you underestimate the difficulty! The winds in these areas are violent and you may have difficulty staying on, so be careful. Nevertheless, hiking in Mandalpatti, where you can take a break at your leisure and soak up the vast panorama of the nearby hills, is an experience in itself!
Jeep Ride
Mandalpatti is associated with 4×4 jeep rides. The Forestry Department recommends that all tourists take the hill. This, of course, is the classic way to get to the advantage. The lure of a jerky ride when the engine is running and the vehicle winds through tight bends in the middle of coffee plantations and forests is irresistible! Even if you end up hiking, it is recommended that you do not miss the jeep ride.

Nature Sightseeing
Once at the top, you can see the distant hills from the watchtower built by the Forestry Department. This is the very famous viewpoint where the views at sunrise and sunset are breathtaking. Here, the registration fee is 25 INR. If you like nature photography, then it’s up to you to bring out your cameras


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