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Bhagamandala Located in the Western Ghats, Coorg is one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Karnataka. Its incomparable beauty justifies the name given to it, Scotland of India.With lush vegetation stretching out like a blanket of nature, blooming flowers decorating every corner, waterfalls filling the atmosphere with a refreshing thunder, Coorg is an ideal holiday destination.

There are countless places of interest in Coorg that can be included in your packages. One such place to visit in Coorg is Bhagamandala Triveni Sangam. It is nature combined with a spiritual significance, making it a place that deserves to be visited by all.

Bhagamandala religious trip or an adventure trip, it is advisable not to miss visiting Bhagamandala Triveni Sangam. Located about 35 km from Madikeri, Bhagamandala is located at the foot of Talacauvery, at the origin of the Kaveri River.

Many people choose this sacred place to perform the last sacraments of their deceased or perform rituals in memory of their ancestors. They believe that the sacred waters of Triveni Sangam will bring peace and purity to the souls of their missing loved ones. The Purana Skanda says that Bhagamandala was previously known as Bhaganda Kshetra in ancient times. He was then renamed after a great sage named Sri Bhaganda Maharshi, who lived there in an ashram with his many disciples.

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