The word Alimathà originally meant “woman’s face”. The island, seen from above, today has a shape that reminds of a heart, and has a beach of fine white sand that goes soaking into the sea of the Maldives. It is surrounded by a beautiful and colorful coral reef inhabited by hundreds of species of fish. Alimathà is the perfect combination of relaxation on a beach with white sand and physical activity, from scuba diving to dozens of sports activities that can be played on the island.

The Alimathà Resort offers its guests 96 Beach Bungalows, 34 Water Villas and 26 Garden Rooms with private gardens. Discover the best proposal for you and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Maldives!

Located in the heart of the island, the Alimathà massage center features an outdoor patio that overlooks a large illuminated space. Once there, you will be welcomed by our staff for a moment of relaxation that, after tasting a cup of tea with oriental flavors, will accompany you along moments of absolute well-being.

Nakai Alimathaa Resort Maldives

The word Alimatha was originally a reference to “woman’s faces”. The island, as seen from above, is today the shape of the shape of a heart. It also has an unspoiled beach of white sandy sand that dries into the ocean that is part of Maldives. The island is bordered by an amazing and vibrant coral reef, which is home to a variety different species of fish. Alimatha is the ideal combination of relaxing on the beach, with its white sand and active activities including scuba diving, to a myriad of sports that are available within the island. The Alimatha Resort provides its guests with the following amenities: 96 Beach Bungalows, 34 Water Villas and 26 Garden Rooms with gardens that are private. Find the perfect option for you, and allow yourself to be swept off by the beauty of the Maldives! In the middle of the island located in the heart of the island, the Alimatha massage center has an outdoor patio with views of an expansive space that is illuminated. After arriving, you’ll be welcomed by our team to enjoy a relaxing moment and, following the tasting of the tea that has oriental flavours, will take you on a journey of complete wellbeing.

Room options

Over Water Villa

Stunning villa sun loungers & your private balcony to relax in!

Beach Bungalow

Beachfront villa with outdoor sitting space to soak in the breeze!

garden Villa

Surrounded by greenery, the villa is perfect hideaway for nature lovers!

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budget friendly

water sports

all plan affordable

romantic ambiance

How to Reach Resort



Take Flight to Male International Airport



Get Visa On Arrival For Indians



Meet Hotel Representative At Airport




Take a speedboat ride to the resort(90 mins)



Buffet breakfast in resort Other meals you arrange on your own


Breakfast + Any 1 Meal Out Of Lunch and Dinner in the Resort


All Meals Included Recommended to Enjoy the Food Variety


All meals along with alcohol included in the package Best for honeymoon