Kotagiri is the oldest and third largest hill station in Nilgiris. Naturally, the surrounding climate of the north-eastern hillsides is said to be one of the best in the world. Kotagiri literally means the lines of the Kotas house. Kotagiri is peacefully secluded in Nilgiris and used to be a British summer holiday destination.
The lush green landscape of Kotagiri offers many opportunities for activities such as hiking, hiking and rock climbing. Surrounded by tea tree plantations, Kotagiri is the perfect place to indulge in tranquil walks and enjoy the surreal beauty of nature. You can also visit one of the huge tea factories here to learn more about the plantations in the area. Kotagir’s charming beauty, lush green scenery and cool climate make it an ideal place to visit.
So far, the beauty of the resort of Kotagir Hill attracts tourists and the sun burned the soul from afar. Unlike Ooty and Coonoor, Kotagiri is located above the ‘open terrace’. At an altitude of 1985 m, the city has developed around numerous foothills and valleys. Kotagiri weather is more bleak than Coonoor and Balmieri than Ooty.

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