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kargil natural panorama of the Great Himalayas makes Ladakh a land like no other. It is a country bordered by two of the world’s most spectacular mountain ranges, the Great Himalayas and Karakoram. Among the many destinations in this place, Kargil has its own charm and due to its beauty it is the most popular tourist destination. It is 2704 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the Himalayas. Stunning apricots adorn this valley, which makes it a dream destination. Travelers from all over the world travel to this place to explore the rich beauty of nature.

The topographic location of this place makes it a haven for adventure activities such as mountaineering, hiking, river rafting, hiking and many more. Some of the popular places to visit at this place are: Mulbekh Chamba: It is located about 45 km east of Kargil, famous for its Buddhist monastery at 200 meters. In this monastery you can see the 9-meter high rock sculpture of the Maitreya Buddha of the future. This spectacular sculpture depicts a standing Bodhisattva with 4 arms and a headpiece adorned with jewels. It is a monastery lying on a rocky cliff that dominates the entire valley. Inside the monastery you can see frescoes, statues and ancient relics, which give a glimpse of the past, when Buddhism came here. Shergole

This is a cave monastery located in a picturesque village 5 km from Mulbekh. It is made up of brown granite stones suspended in the middle of the mountains. It seems to be hanging from a rock. This is a small monastery, but known throughout the world for its frescoes based on various mythological themes. Urgyan Rzong: It is a meditation getaway located in an amazing natural mountain fortress. This is hidden inside a green circular valley with a monastery base in the middle, which makes it less known to the outside world. This is a famous Buddhist religious place where high Buddhist saints repent in isolation