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GOKARNA BEACH TREK Gokarna is a small town on the Western Ghats of Incredible India. Gokarna which is most peaceful and serene place. Absolutely beautiful and mesmerising beach treks and unique places in Gokarna.
 Gokarna has the best beach trek in India. Starting from  Parsdise Beach  to Om Beach to Half Moon Beach & finally ending at Kudle Beach
There are many beaches as you go forward which serves as the best destinations for the weekends. Gokarna  is located 150 KM from Goa with travelling time of approximately four hours.  Lord Shiva also known as Mahabaleshwara is the main deity over here in Karnataka.
Gokarna is one of the seven famous Hindu pilgrimage centres, Gokarna is also know for its scenic beauty and beautiful beaches that totally attract the western tourists. Influx of large number of tourists It is now no longer just a place of worship but also a place to spend weekends.

Short Overview

Day 0 Pickup from Bangalore
Day 1 Overnight journey Reach Gokarna Town – Strat Trek  Paradise Beach – Explore/Swim Paradise Beach terrain – Trek from Paradise Beach to Half Moon Beach – Shiva Climb at Hell Cliff  – Trek from Half Moon Beach to Rock of Peace next to with Dolphin Spotting – Trek to Om Beach – discover Om Beach – Trek to Kudle Beach starting Om Beach under the stars and the moon at night camping
Day 2


Wake Up – Freshen Up – Breakfast -Mirjain fort

– Return to Bangalore








Day 1

This is going to be a midnight journey of 520 km from Banglore to Gokarna beach  base camp A brief summary about the trek will be provided you by the our trekkers. The overnight journey will be through the winding roads also this trip will be very exciting for you. 


Day 2

The morning at Gokarna gives a feeling of sacredness and spiritualism to the untouched place and also a sense of thrill with the waves at the beaches. Our experience will start where we will first explore the beautiful beach know as paradise beach. After that we will proceed to Kudle beach covering OM beach as well as half moon beach

Paradise Beach

This beach is surrounded by palm trees and has rocks on the shore which one can use for bouldering. One can even spot some wild paintings on the rocks which makes it a psychedelic experience during the trip. This is seriously like one of the beach which you can count as paradise on the shores of western coastline

Half Moon Beach

The way to half Moon Beach starts since Paradise beach with a hike next to the ocean. On the way, one will see Nirvana Beach of Kumta across the ocean within the direction of Paradise beach. There area unit many points on the route wherever one has to climb little boulders on the path to achieve a gorgeous rock we tend to wish to decision ‘The Shiva Climb’.


As we have a tendency to proceed towards half Moon Beach, we are going to witness a large boulder at the shore additionally referred to as Hell formation. Our plan is to push our limits to climb the boulder we tend to prefer to decision ‘’ climb technique and solely then climb the boulder. At constant time can|we’ll|we are going to} confirm that the spotter will invariably be there. this could be a risky exercise however isn’t necessary. this can be for all those out of doors enthusiasts World Health Organization would really like to try to to things they could haven’t done before and feel the method they haven’t felt positively below the steerage of our out of doors Leaders.

OM beach

Om beach could be a marvellous beach placed within the city of Gokarna. One will from the glory and serenity of the picturesque surroundings here. Its fascinating beauty and pristine water lashing on the beach could be a supply of tranquillity for all the guests. formed just like the image ‘Om’, this beach offers variety of journey sports to the junkies. The read of this beach throughout sunset is one to be cherished forever.

Om Beach is one in every of the foremost common beaches in Gokarna. known for being naturally formed just like the auspicious image Om, Om beach attracts tourists around the year. Om Beach derives its name from its form, that is created by 2 semi crescents joined along. The fine sand pretty rock creations here attract tons of travellers. One will spot fishermen boats, little cafes and eateries and crows whirling up within the sky at this stunning beach. it’s sometimes lined with shacks on the perimeters providing low cost accommodation and restaurants with exotic menus.

Kudle Beach,

Kudle Beach is one in every of the numerous beaches of Gokarna, settled solely many minutes’ walk from Gokarna Beach or the Om Beach. The beach could be a paradise for people who love peace and tranquility whereas they travel. a whole recluse, this beach offers the foremost silent and serene atmosphere to fancy a sunset, a walk on the shore or just to take a seat and observe the never-ceasing tides. several native folks like this beach for a morning or evening walk or practising yoga, because the Kudle beach isn’t invaded by massive teams of tourists and as a result, has little crowd and quite quiet.


Day 3

After exploring all the beaches and spending a night full of fun under the stars and moon on Om beach. We will proceed to Gokarna beach for sunrise. After seeing the gorgeous sunrise we will visit the histortic Mirjain fort which was built by Nawayath Sultanates in early 1200’s. After sightseeing will proceed for return to Banglore.

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