Tso Moriri Lake also known as Mountain Lake, is a great place in the middle of the mountainous areas of Leh. Tso-moriri or Lake Moriri is an elevated lake located in the literal sense of Changthang, on a northern plateau at an altitude of 4595 m (15.075 ft). Lake Tso-moriri is about 28 km long from north to south and about 4 to 6 km wide and has an average depth of 100 feet. The maximum depth of Lake Tso-moriri is 248 feet. Lake Tso-moriri is surrounded by fertile hills with beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background.

Lake Tso Moriri is dressed in shades of blue, and images of playful clouds are reflected in its pristine waters. Only when you come across such attractions do you marvel at the beauty of nature, which is infinite. On this page we will tell you everything you need to know about Tso Moriri Lake in Leh Ladakh

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