Pambar Falls, 4 km from Kodaikanal, is Pambar Falls, one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal, and is also called the “Grand Cascade”. You can catch sight of any day of the week. You will be able to hike through a steep and deceptive path behind Pambar House
Spread over 60 acres, Lake Kodai was built in 1863. Sir Vere Henry Levinge, then a Madurai collector, was instrumental in creating the lake. The lake is surrounded by beautiful valleys, a boat club and colonial buildings. There is a walk around the lake with great views of the place. The 5-mile trail to the edge of this lovely lake is a favorite walk for locals as well as tourists.
Rowing boats and pedal boats can be hired from a boat club. Horses and bicycles can be rented by the lake for a short time. Cycling around the lake is a favorite activity for children and adults alike. There are several shops around the lake that sell woolen fabrics, toys, eateries, etc.Lake water outflow passes through Silver Cascade Falls, 8 km from Kodai City. Bryant Park is located towards the southeast corner of the lake

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