coorg - madikeri

Dubare Elephant Camp


6:00 am to 06:00 pm

Dubare Elephant Camp is recognized for its elephant camp, a forest camp on the banks of the Kaveri River Kodagu district, Karnataka. This is an important base for the Karnataka Forest Elephants of the department. Dubare offers the visitor fun, rafting and trekking in the nature rough terrain.
Naturalists and mahouts trained in the art of manipulating these majestic creatures are omnipresent throughout the camp, offering diverse perspectives to passers-by regarding these gentle giants.
In addition to the wonders of observation and interaction with the huge elephants, visitors to the site are also aware of the incredible biodiversity of Coorg and have the opportunity to observe birds such as peacocks, partridges, kingfishers and peaks. The surrounding vegetation is also home to deer, tigers, wild dogs and bears, making it an ideal destination for ecotourists.
As an elephant camp, the most popular activity would be horse riding, particularly attractive for visiting family children. You can also participate in various aspects of elephant care and interaction, such as feeding on products such as ragi, jaggery and bananas, attending elephant baths while enjoying the river, and watching the water. oil apply to their body and defenses to protect them and improve them. Apart from that, you can also participate in nature-related activities such as bird watching and fishing or opt for adventure experiences such as hiking, coracle walks and rafting.

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