Chang La pass is a high mountain site in Ladakh, India. It is claimed to be the second highest motorway in the world, which is either Merisimik La or Mana pass. Chang La is approached from Leh through the villages of Kharu and Sekti along an asphalt road. It is one of the highest mountain roads in the country. Altitude sickness is a common phenomenon here, so you are not recommended to stay there for more than 20 minutes.

The Changla-pass is the main gateway to the Changthang Plateau in the Himalayas. The pass is located on a 134 km long road between Pangong Lake and Lehi. Road closures can be frequent, so check conditions before traveling to this area. It has been erroneously claimed that the pass is named after the supposed sadhu Changla Baba, a myth spread by passing the temple to the alleged Changla Baba with a pass. The road to the summit is mostly paved and has some gravel sections. The passport, guarded and maintained by the Indian Army, is covered in snow all year round. The best season for driving is summer. The pass is open to tourists from mid-May to October, but the most pleasant months are May and June.

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