The sanctuary of truth is perhaps the most emblematic structure of Pattaya. Entirely carved in teak wood, the impressive 105-meter-high hall on the northern tip of Wongamat Beach is a unique structure of its kind in the world. Neither temple nor palace, although resembling a hybrid of the two, it was commissioned by a local business mogul to serve as a place of appreciation for philosophy, art, culture, and faith, without being linked to a single religion.

 The sanctuary is perhaps best described as a monument to Thai art, with its elephant sculptures, characters and scenes, creatures and deities incredibly detailed mythology. They pay tribute to the ancient vision of the Earth, ancient knowledge and Eastern philosophy and reflect it.

They adorn each surface – both inside and outside the building. They also reflect the ephemeral nature and the incessant work of human existence because no wood is treated or protected from the elements, which means that the oldest parts gradually succumb to the rigors of climate and climate and must be replaced. The construction of the sanctuary, which began in 1981, is a continuous and endless task.

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