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Nilakandi Falls


Nature scenic / Adventure / Trekking


6:00 am to 06:00 pm

Nilakandi Falls are located in the middle of the dense tropical forests of Coorg and start somewhere in the Thadiyendamol range. A three-kilometer hike from Honey Valley Resort takes you to the flowing stream of Nilakandi Falls. And another four kilometers from there take you to the source of the waterfall, which is a small lake. Honey Valley is a 56 hectare hotel complex. A private property is located 4 km from Kabinnakad bus stop, near Kakkabe.

An easy 45-minute walk across more or less flat ground leads to Honey Falls through Nilakandi Falls. My friends and I did this earlier this month which was a rainy monsoon day. As it was raining and the ground was covered with slush, we found a lot of leeches, but managed to get bitten by a few. I guess we got used to them after our series of monsoon treks.

You can have a great view of the Nilakandi Falls in about twenty minutes walk. The view is that of a white and milky waterfall in the middle of dense vegetation. It is here that we can take a long break to admire this magnificent view of the waterfall. However, you should pay attention to leeches as they cling to you easily.
You can climb further to reach the top of the waterfall, which is a small pond. Alternatively, return to Honey Valley by the same route to make it a short and enjoyable tropical trek from Honey Valley and a refreshing experience.

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