Lumpini Park is a haven of peace, fresh air and shade located in the city center and offers city dwellers a perfect connection with nature. Named after the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal, the park covers more than half a million square meters and is home to a diverse fauna and flora.

A great place to connect with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s bustling streets, Lumpini Park is synonymous with clean air and peace. Dating from the 1920s, it is full of natural beauties covering a vast area of ​​half a million square meters.

Named after Lord Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal, Lumpini Park was Bangkok’s first public park. The original purpose was to exhibit Thai crafts and flowers. Today, the place is home to a wide range of species of flora and fauna attracting locals and tourists to relax and rejuvenate. Over the years, the park has become a center for a variety of recreational activities, from jogging to light exercise, to many other recreational activities such as aerobics, rowing, paddle boating and other activities. gymnastic. While enjoying the glory of Mother Nature, make sure that crocodiles live in the ponds and that other arboreal mollusks inhabit this place. Avoid feeding animals by hand as directed by park authorities. The best time to enjoy the park and its activities is either early in the morning or at dusk, when everything shines under the effect of the setting sun.

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