Winter Season

Kedarkantha is best time to visit winter trek from  November through April. It’s a full-on snow-shoe trek in these months. The first snows will be visible on the initial day as you travel across Sankri up to Juda Ka Talab.

Kedarkantha is one of the few treks that are accessible during winter. The Himalayas aren’t always accessible when it is winter. When routes are covered with snow. When there is too much and the weather becomes uncontrollable which makes the entire hike unaccessible

Kedarkantha offers just the perfect amounts of snow and in the same time, it provides the chance to climb a mountain that is awe-inspiring at 12,500 feet! It’s an incredible experience to be on the top at sunrise. There’s a beautiful harmony in the majestic mountains around your and an incredible golden glow that appears to have come from a different time. It’s a view that goes beyond any description.

Summer Season

  • The trek in summer to Kedarkantha is an unforgettable experience because of the views and temperatures are perfect for you.
  • In the summer, for a treks, it is necessary to take only normal clothes to ensure your journey will be enjoyable, there’s no need to wear hot clothing however, for hiking, it is essential to pack all the gear that you require.
  • It is essential to bring three pairs of clothing from the trek, including the poncho. These are the clothes you be required to carry it with you throughout the year.
  • In summer the temperature remains normal, and there is no need for hot clothing.

Monsoon Season

  • During the monsoon there are times when it rains throughout the Kedarkantha trek, particularly in the Uttarakhand Himalayas so if you’ve got dry clothes it’s very beneficial even when wet it is able to dry quickly.
  • In this stage, you need to pack at minimum 4 pairs of clothing, for the monsoon trek, you don’t need to wear too cold clothes. At this point youcan wear hiking pants and a T-Sarts, I am able to trek.
  • It’s just a bit colder in the evening and morning, and the day can be an ideal temperature
  • Before you embark on any hike it will be simple for you to gather details about each season.
  • Trekkers must be aware of these. You can contact us any time, Trek route, trek map temperature, weather conditions and difficulty level. We can also provide the starting point of trek, the ending point, transportation views of trek ideal timing to visit, when to get there kedarkantha and trek distance and location, etc., remember this information in mind prior to leaving


Kedarkantha trek

kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek  is one of India’s most wanted after snow hiking destinations. With the fall of the winter snowfall, it is an attractive image, and even more attractive is the spectacular view of the Himalayas from the paths right up. Nestled at 3810 feet, which is about 12,500 feet for the first time, hikers embark on an adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. The fascinating and fascinating snow sights were applauded to the Himalayas.

kedarkantha trek itinerary

DAY  1

Dehradun – Sankri  


Sankri – Juda-ka-Talab Distance 


Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base 


Kedarkantha base to Kedarkantha peak  


Hargaon camp to Sankri   


Sankri to Dehradun  
kedarkantha trek



kedarkantha trek itinerary

Day 1) Dehradun – Sankri

Travel Distance – 210 Km 8 – 9 Hours journey

 Altitude – Sankri  6,400 ft

 Night Stay – Hotel

Welcome to  Dehardun  as part of your Etravelfly Kedarkantha Trek package. As you arrive in Dehardun railway station, you’ll be received by a representative and drive to Sankri via Mussorrie. Lunch will be had along the way. The drive is a delightful one as the path takes you along the Yamuna, exquisite Tons river and pine forests. Once you reach Sankri that is steeped in natural beauty, check into the hotel. In the evening, enjoy a stroll in the charming village and warm up for the Kedarkantha trek to come ahead. Overnight can be spent in the hotel

Day 2) Sankri – Juda-Ka-Talab

Trek Distance: – 4 km 4 -5 Hours Trek

Altitude: – 9,100 ft.

Trek gradient: – Moderate

Night Stay: – Camp

Today, the warm morning is waiting eagerly for you to get up. Enjoy the tranquility of the mountains. There is no connection and nothing materialistic will distract you. The only thing you need is peace.

The trek begins at Sankri up to Juda ka Talab which is 4 kilometers away. After a short walk from the main market , you can see Swargarohini peaks (I II, III, I) that will captivate you. Juda Ka Talab is today’s popular destination for many hikers. The lake is situated within a clearing of trees. It’s 100m long and its wideness is 36 meters. The lake is clean and mirrors the surrounding. You can camp among pine trees and relax in the evening.

Take a cup of tea or coffee along with snacks, soup and wander around the surrounding area. Dinner will be served after which you can rest for the night.

DAY 3) Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base

Trek Distance: – 4 km 3 Hours Trek

Altitude: – 11,250 ft.

Trek gradient: – Moderate

Night Stay: – Camp

Enjoy the glorious sunrise after a refreshing breakfast you will start the trek to the Kedarkantha base  situated at an elevation of 11,250 feet.

Begin the trek, make an ascent, walk through the forest densely and then an open meadow will greet you. Stop and take in the stunning panoramas of the Himalayas. Continue on through the pine forests until you reach your camp site from where Kedarkantha peak is awe-inspiring. enjoy the amazing views afterwards. have a delicious lunch

DAY 4) Kedarkantha Base to Kedarkantha peak - Hargaon

Trek Distance: – 9 km  7 to 8 Hours Trek

Altitude: – 12,500 ft.

Trek gradient: – Moderate

Night Stay: – Camp

We will start with the trek to the Kedarkantha Peak, situated at an elevation of 12,500 feet. This is today’s most important morning of the trek so make sure you are ready by 4:30 am to catch the sunrise from the Kedarkantha summit. There is nothing more thrilling than watching the sun rise from the summit as the views are stunning. Everyone who sees it is amazed.

The descent is sure to be enjoyable, so sliding down, with assistance from your instructors. The slope is two kilometers long. It is going be a memorable experience.

Lunch on the way, take a break for a while and then head towards the campsite today. Hargaon is a gorgeous large meadow. Spend your time here, and then retire to sleep for the night.

DAY 5) Hargaon camp to Sankri

Trek Distance: – 4 km  3 to 4 Hours Trek

Altitude: – 6500 ft.

Trek gradient: – Moderate

Night Stay: – Hotel

 This morning, enjoy breakfast in the last campsite of this trek. As you begin your trek, and descend down from Hargaon to Sankri you will pass by several viewpoints, and then ahead will be the orchards of apples.

Then, you will reach the base camp Sankri and your next stop will be in a hotel. You can also purchase some local foods from here and bring many memories with you.

DAY 6) Sankri to Dehradun

Travel Distance – 210 Km 8 – 9 Hours journey

The last day of the trip is the departure day where the trekkers need to travel back to Dehradun. distance takes about 9 to 10 hours

you can plan how to spend the day fruitfully on your own, be it sightseeing or shopping, Dehradun will not disappoint’s time to say goodbye to Dehradun  Back home, with loads of remarkable memories of a mesmerizing Etravelfly Kedarkantha Trek

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