Munnar Good Hotels Offering Special Honeymoon Packages

Munnar is a popular tourist destination in South India. It is one of the ideal places to visit for honeymoon in India. Quality resorts and hotels in Munnar are also available offering luxurious stay during honeymoon. Read on more to best celebrate your honeymoon in Munnar and also check some good hotels in Munnar for

Munnar Choice of Hotels in Kerala for Visitors

 Munnar An abundance of natural attractions combined with very favorable climatic conditions made the land of Gods one of the best tourist destinations in India. Kerala is small, but it is also beautiful. An abode for nature lovers, honeymooning couples, and tourists and travelers of all types, Kerala has a lot to offer for everyone.

Munnar Hotels for Your Best Next Stay

Munnar is a beautiful place amidst high ranging mountains and valleys, cushioned across large expanses of tea estates and enriched in its strong essence of aromatic spices. It has always been referred to as God’s own land, making it much flocked by tourists from all across the world. Away from the busy and hectic urban

Munnar Tourism, Trip to Travel Guide

Munnar is another popular hill station of India, located in the Idukki district of Kerala. The region acts as a heaven in God’s own country ‘Kerala’ and enjoys the patronage of both domestic and foreign tourists. The region is blessed with nature’s bounty like the meadows, undulating landscape, hills peeking through the cloud cover, fresh

Munnar As a Tourist Place in Kerala

Munnar ‘God’s own country’ is one of the top holiday destinations in India due to its timeless natural beauty, scintillating surroundings, pleasant climatic conditions and numerous tourist places. Kerala is one of the ideal places for tourism in South India due to its evergreen surroundings, picturesque hill stations, exotic flora and fauna, fascinating art forms,

Munnar Travel During Winter And A Nice Hotel

Munnar is beautiful in the Western Ghats is best known as a great hill station in south India. One of the few elite summer resorts in south India with considerable British influence, Munnar attracts huge crowds all around the year even in winter. Read on to know more about Munnar during winter season and also check

Munnar is Luxurious Stay In 4 Star Hotels

Munnar is considered to be a crown jewel of tourism in Kerala and is a truly beautiful hill station that must be visited once in a lifetime. The place has a number of good hotels that are known for their luxury and comfort along with their great locations. Read on to know more on the

Munnar is the Best Famous Hill Stations in Kerala

Munnar is God’s own country has several small hill resorts. What looks like a small piece of land on the global map is dotted with several ecstatic hills that serve both to the religious tourists as well as to the nature explorers. Kerala’s greenery spreads to the hills also. There are people living on those

Munnar Day Trip From Mattupetti Dam And tourist attractions for Hotels.

Munnar is a beautiful hill station in the Indian state of Kerala and was once the summer resort of the British. Munnar tourist attractions are enriched with vast tea plantations, guest houses and the attractive flora and fauna which make it really beautiful and traditional in itself. It is a good place to stay for

Munnar is Festivals And Good Hotels In Kerala.

Munnar is a hill station on the Western Ghats, a range of mountains situated in the Idduki district of Kerala. A lot of festivals are celebrated in Munnar. Read on to find out more about festivals in Munnar and some good Munnar hotels. Munnar is termed as “Kashmir of South India”. It is quite popular