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Coorg Tour Packages  A few kilometers from the commercial power plant in Bangalore, the picturesque valley of Coorg is crowned by the beauty and peace of an angel. Its lush surroundings are adorned with lush vegetation, misty hills, dense forests, fresh coffee plantations that bring a refreshing scent, orange groves together form breathtaking scenery. Scenes run through the wavy streets of Coorg, such as women working in coffee plantations, plenty of natural splendor, and locals who are busy during their daily lives. Tours of the Coorg will delight your heart as you experience it in its current form, and the mere memory of its future will fill your heart with purity and joy. One of South India’s most beautiful hill stations, Coorg, is set amidst lush valleys and bordered by mountains and dense teak woods. Its spelling beauty thus justified it to the “Indian Scottish” sopraquet. The birthplace of the Cauvery River, Coorg is a thriving agricultural center that produces coffee, pepper, rice, cardamom and orange in surplus. Excursions to the Coorg will take you through the mountains and through the undulating paddy fields with a clear view of the open blue sky. In the vicinity you have to look at the following places: Talacauvery:

The starting point of the Cauvery River, Talacauvery has beautiful scenery. There is also an impressive temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, one of the few temples in the country dedicated to Brahma. Nagarhole National Park: an abundance of natural beauty and tranquility erämaarauhojen, Nagarhole National Park. a wide range Kabini River to rest is divided into two national park, namely Nagarhole National Park and Bandipur National Park. Nagarhole forest rich environment covers a number of gorges, small creeks, cascading waterfalls and lush valleys. The place is full of a variety of wildlife such as snakes, tigers, bison, elephants and more. Irupu Falls: The Irupu Falls in the Braupmagiri area are a magnificent freshwater cascade. The riverside lands are also a famous pilgrimage, as it houses the famous Shiva Temple, namely the Rameshwara Temple. During the Shivratri festival, a group of pilgrims visit the temple only for the divine beauty and beautiful falls of the temple. Dubare: Another interesting tourist destination, Dubare is the elephant camp.

Such magnificent wooden slopes, picturesque villages and lush landscapes are both soothing and therapeutic in nature, whose visual look rejuvenates your body, mind and soul.

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Coorg is a famous wildlife site in Karnataka. Coorg’s wildlife are deep routes due to the tireless effort of local people and the forest department. As a result, today there are many wildlife sanctuaries, and therefore it has become a famous tourist destination. The Coorg Forest Department is responsible for protecting endangered animal species. There

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Coorg is the most famous and interesting place in nature and landscape. Most of Coorg’s tourist attractions are located in beautiful nature, including forest, plantation, mountains and beautiful scenery. Coorg is the famous hill stations of the state of Karnataka for domestic and foreign visitors. It is bordered by Mysore district, Hassan district, Dakshina Kannada

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Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a beautiful area located in the state of Karnataka in India. Several tourists visit the area all year round, enjoying the stunning hills, forests and plantations that make up the area’s attractive landscape. Nature lovers from all over the country go hiking, which offers great attractions, and adventure lovers

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Coorg is one of Karnataka’s favorite destinations known for its excellent food and people. Coorg means ‘dense forests on steep hills’. It is located about 1525 meters above sea level in the Madiker region. It is also known as Indian Scotland. Coorg is known for its misty hills, lush forest, acres and acres of tea

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Coorg, better known as Kodagu, is a beautiful city located in the southwestern part of Karnataka. The magnificent view of the valleys and mountains located in this small town will attract tourists to this magnificent place. Coorg is best known for its amazing tourist destinations that catch the hearts of visitors. Have you ever heard

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Coorg Tour Packages Peaceful villages, peaceful Monasteries, picturesque scenery and humble people, book your Coorg tour and experience them all together. This fascinating destination is located in Karnataka and is widely known for its friendly people and delicious delicacies. The name “Coorg” refers to “dense forests on dense hills”. This hilly town is just right,

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Coorg Packages Located about 252 km from Bangalore and about 1525 m above sea level is Madikeri, the control center of the Kodagu area. Coorg or Kodagu show thick forests on sharp hills. Such a city called Indian Scotland has a lot of introduction for the traveler. Misty hills, thriving green forests, long and expanded

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Coorg officially known as Kodagu, is a beautiful and picturesque area in the Indian state of Karnataka. Known for its hospitality and warmth, Coorg is a pleasant natural beauty adorned with forest-covered hills, mountains, shimmering waterfalls, undulating scenery, picturesque villages and colorful scenery, thus providing the perfect paradise for nature lovers around the world. It

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Coorg Tourism :- Coorg is one of Karnataka’s favorite destinations known for its excellent food and people. Coorg means ‘dense forests on steep hills’. It is located about 1525 meters above sea level in the Madiker region. It is also known as Indian Scotland. Coorg is known for its misty hills, lush forest, acres and


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