Char Dham Yatra Tour for Cleansing Soul and Mind

Char Dham Yatra  Hindu pilgrimage area of ​​the Himalayas. Char Dham contains four sites in the Garhwal section of Uttrakhand state, namely Sri Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. All of the above have a spiritual vitality and are unique in their own way and attracting enthusiasts and tourists around the world. The 8th century philosopher and spiritual guru Shankaracharya made a chardham that now attracts followers in abundance. Chardham, who holds vitality in Hinduism Char Dham Yatra is very important to Hindus. This journey is for spirituality, self-realization, and truth-seeking. Chardham represents all three major Hindu religious traditions, which are two places of worship – Yamunotri and Gangotri, Shiva place – Kedarnath and one place Vaishnava – Badrinath. All four places have their own significance, but Badrinath is the most important pillar, because without a visit to this holy place, all the hassle ends in vain.

The Char Dham Journey – The Earlier and Now The earlier chardham tour was very hard due to wrong roads and commutation. Even today, traveling is difficult due to sliding events or potential accidents in the country. In addition, the lack of modern communication hindered many enthusiasts from visiting the place. However, high technology has made a visit to Chardham an easy affair. The Yatra has now been recorded with excellent comfort and better roads and quality accommodation. In addition, these spiritual places have gained international acclaim due to the government’s promotion online and globally. There are several travel websites and tour operators that combine more interest and charm with the chardham yatra. For example, chardham travels via helicopter or char dham to adventure sports


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