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Munnar is one of the famous travel destinations among domestic and foreign travelers. This state is blessed with immense beauty and natural sceneries. There are many hill stations, backwaters, beaches etc that one can enjoy during his visit to Kerala. One of the famous hill stations in Kerala


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Eravikulam National Park Neelakurinji blooming 2018

This National Park Is Spread Over 97sq Km. This National Park Holds The Largest Viable Population Of Thar, Other Rare Species Of Animals, Birds And Butterfly. The Park Becomes A Hot Destination When The Hill Slopes Get Covered In A Carpet Of Blue, Resulting From The Flowering Of Neelakurinji. 

Neelakurinji, Munnar The Heavens Of Heavens Itself, In Every 12 Years Period The Hills Of Neelakurinji Turns Blue And Munnar The Greenland Of India And The Hills Of Munnar Is All Set Turn Blue This Year That Is 2018 With Blossoms Of Neelakurinji Flowers, A Natural Occuring Phenomenon, The Blooming Of Flowers Attract Alot Of Visitors To Munnar.


Kolukkumalai hills are home to the highest organic tea plantations in the world .About 7130 ft above sea level, Witness the gorgeous beauty of the tea gardens , play of the mist and fog and watch the panoramic views of the rolling hills from the top . Kolukkumalai hills is a must visit for every nature lover.

Kolukkumalai hills are still not known by many because this hill station is not for everyone. Only if you are a true nature lover and ready to take the bone-rattling drive up the hills – you will be able to witness the glorious beauty of the undulating tea gardens with majestic mountains in the background.


This is a small hill station that is located in the idukki district of kerala with cold, green air slopes, and low hanging clouds over the hills. devikulam has a large collection of waterfalls and lakes to wait. take a trip to lake sita devi, which is said have medicinal benefits.

go up and down the hill line and enjoy the beauty of nature. you can also explore the shrines present in this place if you are a wildlife can also fish and sail in one of the many lakes present in devikulam 

Attakul Waterfalls

This Beautiful waterfall lies 9 Km away from The Munnar town and It is one of the most Attractive destinations. Attakul waterfalls are famous for its scenic beauty as water rolls down from the top of the mountain, Curious Trekkers can also plan trek along the hill slopes of this Waterfall.

Lakkam Waterfalls

This waterfall is part of Eravikulam National Park and falls on the road to Udumalaipettai from Munnar. It is originally from the Eravikulam stream about 30 km from Munnar. Travel through the thick tea plantation on a narrow, winding road and this silky white magic of nature. In the clear water of the pool, you can see your movements on the rocks.

The water plunges into a thick green forest and the view of this charming waterfall is fascinating. Kerala food, such as fish, rice, sambhar, etc. It is one of the places of interest in Munnar that catches your attention.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Western Ghats and is part of the Idukki District. This region is very populated with a great variety of native flora and fauna, which makes it a fashionable tourist destination. Chinnar hosts a wide variety of medicinal plants, and its animal population includes species such as the gray squirrel, the star turtle, the gaur, the spotted deer, the gray tufted langur, the slender loris, the crocodile, the wild elephant, the tiger, the leopard and many birds. If animals and plants fascinate you, then there is no better way to familiarize yourself with them than to visit the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Since it is an enclosure protected by the government, you can experience the flora and fauna in their natural habitat, without interruptions due to the city’s uproar. The mixed deciduous forests found here are ideal for some rudimentary trekking as well. Rich in its diversity, this destination is a delightful learning experience for children and adults alike.

Top Station

The Top station is 32 km from Munnar and is the highest point of Munnar. It is suggested that you hire a taxi and take this trip through the forest to reach the highest point in Munnar. The Top station (1700m) falls on the Munnar-Kodaikanal road and is the highest point in Munnar.

Being located on the border between Kerala and Tamilnadu, you will be able to witness the majestic views of the valley of the Theni district in Tamil Nadu. It was coined as “Top Station” after the highest train station located in the Kundala Valley.

2018 marks another flowering season of Neelakurinji flowers that bloom once every twelve years and drowns the valley in a beautiful shade of light blue. The sanctuary of Kurinjimala is very close to the Top station.


Pothamedu View Point

The Pothamedu viewpoint, located 6 km from Munnar, is adorned with rolling hills and lush green mountains. One can witness the spectacular sweeping views of the area’s tea, coffee and cardamom plantations. Hikers and hikers would love the adrenaline of this place.


Echo Point

Located at an altitude of 600 feet and at a distance of approximately 15 kilometers from Munnar, the scenic beauty of Echo Point is very captivating. This picturesque destination is right in the lap of a picturesque lake and lush green mountains, which makes it a visual gift for all. As the name suggests, this place is well known for its captivating illustration of the echo phenomenon. As you scream, it’s fun to hear your voice reverberating around the attraction again and again.


Photo Point

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of major cities, Photo Point is this beautiful site nestled on rolling, rolling hillsides of Nilgiris. In the context of the stretches of tea gardens typical of this region of the country, this point serves as an excellent photographic opportunity; as is clear from the name itself. Many people do not stop at this place because there is not much to see here, but once you get out of the car and take a look, the beautiful surroundings will make you feel like your own.

Photopoint is the ideal place to experience the charms of the native vegetation of the region. Dotted with soft hills, streams and bright silver oaks, the beauty of this place lies in its simplicity. The turquoise sky against the emerald tea gardens is an impressive sight, and the nearby lake elevates the experience to another level


Mattupetty Dam

At almost 13 km from the city of Munnar, Mattupetty Dam is a famous vacation spot for tourists. Carefully observe the stillness in the water; I would notice the undulating reflection of the lush tea gardens on either side. The height at which Mattupetty is located is around 1,700 m, which makes the dam one of the tallest dams in Munnar.

This is one of the attractions in Munnar that goes on the list of things to do of all because Mattupetty is the dream destination of Munnar and the dam falls on the road. A few kilometers from the dam is the lake that lies between the tea gardens and the forest of Shola; One of the places to visit in Munnar that goes without saying.


Kundala Lake

Embark on a trip to the Top station and find this beautiful lake shaped like a mirror about 20 km from a unit. The stunning backdrops of the green hills, the majestic sunrises, the incomparable beauty of the cherry blossoms and a blue blanket of the famous Neela Kurunji flowers that bloom only once every twelve years make this place a dream place and one of the main attractions in Munnar.



At a distance of 16 km from the Munnar bus station, Lock Heart Gap  is one of the most picturesque places in Munanr located on the Munnar – Madurai  road. It is one of the main attractions in Munnar.

Lock Heart Gap offers a panoramic view of the mountains and valleys of Munnar and is one of the must see places in Munnar. This is also a great sunset point on a clear day. This is located near the main road and easily accessible from Munnar. The road from Munnar to Lock Heart Gap is full of tea plantations and is a good stretch for photography.


Marayoor Sandalwood Forest

At a distance of 40 Kms from Munnar, Marayoor is a scenic spot located between Munnar and Udumalpet, and is a prehistoric site on the border of Kerala-Tamil Nadu. It is one of the best places to sightsee in Munnar. Marayoor is the only place in Kerala that has natural forests of sandalwood. The rare Neelakurunji flowers that bloom once every 12 years are native to this place. This is one of the main attractions that must be included in Munnar packages.



Munnar Rose Garden is an excellent garden with many uncommon assortments of blossoms and home grown plants. With expansive tea ranches out of sight, this place can be visited amid an excursion to Munnar. The garden is worked by Kerala Forest Development Center (KFDC), a legislature. from the organization Kerala. It stretches out along a couple of sections of land of land, this place has an administration community for voyagers and a state of offer, notwithstanding many uncommon assortments of blooms, prickly plant, bushes, vines and home grown plants. The administration focus inside the garden has administrations, a shop, refreshments, espresso, and so on.



At a separation of 24 Kms from Munnar, Anayirankal Dam is a flawless place situated at NH49 (towards Palani, after Devikulam).

The surroundings of the falls are brimming with tea manors and backwoods and resemble a green cover. It is one of the main dams worked in India that utilizations concrete. Elephants are likewise seen in the region of the repository.