Underwater World Pattaya offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty, colors and variety of the underwater world without having to dive into the ocean.

It is a fun experience for adults and children to see the many species of fish and colorful corals housed in aquariums and to cross the glass tunnel over 100 meters long through the aquarium, a chance to get closer to marine animals sharks, rays and many species of colorful tropical fish.

Ray Pool

Near the entrance is the pool of rays that contains fish such as starfish, bamboo sharks, blue rays and archer fish. A second pool is home to species such as starfish, sea cucumber and bamboo shark.

Feed Koi fish

At the Koi pond, children will enjoy feeding white and orange Koi fish.

You will then meet the green sea turtle, a very large species of turtle that can travel thousands of miles into the sea and reach the age of 80 years. The Cylinder Tank houses fish in the form of bright orange blood parrot cichlids.

Colorful tropical fish and corals

Several aquariums and aquariums are home to various species of corals and tropical fish, such as Angefish, a colorful fish with a round, flat body that allows them to hide in tight spaces.

The butterfly fish, with its beautiful bright yellow and orange colors, lives in the coral reefs of the tropical oceans, as does the lionfish, a magnificent tropical fish with red and white stripes and large rays of thorny fins. Other reservoirs host fish such as moray eels, scorpions, seahorses, fishing fish with their bright colors such as yellow and blue and their colorful clownfish and beautiful corals. Do not miss the giant crab and the small animated Asian otters, the smallest species of otter in the world.

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