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Somwarpet is a panchayat town in Coorg and also the main town of Somwarpet Taluk. The main destinations of Somwarpet and its surroundings are Pushpagiri Hills, Kotebetta and Makkalagudi Betta. Pushpagiri is the second highest peak in Coorg and about 6 km from Somwarpet. Hikers walk to reach the summit of Pushpagiri and the trek begins at Base Bhabati. Kotebetta is the third highest peak in Coorg and lies between Madikeri and Somwarpet. The hike to the top of Kotebetta is about 10 km from the base. There is a temple of Shiva at the top of the hill. No permission is required for trekking on these hills, but taking a local guide can certainly be convenient. Makkalagudi Betta is the rear of the Harangi Reservoir. It is famous for its rice fields, forests and picturesque beauty. Another important place not to miss in Somwarpet is Malemalleshwara Betta. Located about 13 km from Somwarpet, Malemalleshwara Betta is popular among tourists for the great Maha Shivaratri festival held in this city.

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