Safari World Bangkok Thailand’s most popular wildlife and recreation park, Safari World in Bangkok is not your usual zoo. Composed of two themes Safari Park and Marine Park, the park offers its visitors a lot of entertainment and recreation. Among the famous places to visit in Bangkok, Safari World is a popular tourist attraction on holiday or honeymoon. While animal shows entertain children, adults enjoy a healthy dose of adrenaline with a plethora of activities in the park. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok soon, be sure to add this place to your itinerary for a pleasant vacation in Bangkok. Here’s everything you need to know about the park.

Safari World in Bangkok is divided into two themes giving you the best of both terrestrial and marine wildlife. While Safari Park takes you on a walk that introduces you to hundreds of wild animals in their natural habitat, Marine Park is home to a vast array of aquatic animals.

Embark on an ultimate safari experience and rendezvous with wild animals of all kinds. During the whole trip, you will forget that you are in a zoo in Bangkok. Safari Park is a vast utopia of wilderness and adventure. Meet crocodiles, giraffes, koalas and everything else while driving through the wild paths. Go to the top of the Safari Terrace where you can literally lie shoulder to shoulder with the tall giraffes and feed them.

You can either take your own car in the park or join one of the park’s luxury coaches. The culinary spectacle of the Safari is the Wildlife Feeding Show, where professional park wardens organize a show about animal feeding.

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