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Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary It is incredibly amazing to know that Karnataka has 21 wildlife sanctuaries. The Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is one of them that adds more greenery to the important vegetation of the state.
Spanning an area of 102 km, this wildlife sanctuary is known around the world for its sustainable approach to endangered bird species. It is 290 km from Bangalore and is located in the district of Somwarpet Taluk in Coorg.
Numerous small streams crisscross the steep terrain of the sanctuary, which is smashed by the Bisle Reserve Forest on one side and the Kukke Subramanya Forest on the other. About 70% of the jungle is densely covered and many species of exotic birds meet such as Gray Hornbill, Nilgiri Blue Pigeon, Blue-winged Parakeet and Blue-bellied Flycatcher.
Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the world. It is located in the state of Karnataka. The sanctuary is located in the Coorg district of Somwarpet Taluk. This wildlife preserve is one of 21 well-known wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka State. It is particularly important because it is home to endangered and very rare bird species.
The Wildlife Sanctuary is only 287 km from Bangalore and covers an area of 102 km. Founded in 1987, the Wildlife Sanctuary has been proposed as a World Heritage Site.

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