Nong Nooch Botanical Garden Pattaya is the largest botanical garden in Southeast Asia. The extensive gardens cover an area of ​​approximately 200 hectares, originally intended for use as a plantation for growing local fruit.

The area was later transformed into a conservation garden for some species of plants and flowers and opened to visitors. In the gardens you will find a large number of species of plants and flowers in a particularly neat environment.

The large French garden of nearly four acres was inspired by the gardens of the castle of Versailles dating from the seventeenth century.

In the animal sculpture garden you will find animal sculptures such as camels, kangaroos, llamas, leopards and deer.

The Stonehenge Garden is inspired by a famous prehistoric monument called Stonehenge in England, a ring of large erect stones that was erected 5,000 years ago.

On the gently sloping hillside of the butterfly hill, you will find clumps of several species of colorful flowers planted to resemble the shape of a butterfly. Some of the many other gardens are Bonsai Garden, Desert Rose Garden, Italian Garden, Orchid Garden, The Cycad Valley and the Bromeliad Garden

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