Dusit Zoo, or “Khao Din”, is a functional animal park with facilities such as an animal hospital, a zoological museum and educational center, a tourist train, a business park and a canteen. It is home to some 1,600 domestic and international animals, including albino barking deer and white Bengal tigers. Covering a total area of ​​188,800 m², Dusit Zoo is Thailand’s first zoo and has been in existence for more than 60 years. It is located in the heart of Bangkok’s administrative center, surrounded by important sites such as Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Parliament and Chitralada Palace.

Animals from far away are presented at Dusit Zoo. Different types of monkeys, hippos, alligators, tigers and lions as well as rare breeds such as penguins, camels, wallabies and kangaroos are kept here. Other highlights include the African savannah, an area where giraffes, ostriches and zebras roam, the night house, the reptilian house, the pheasants ‘avian, the hawks’ exhibition, the house of Elephants and an impressive playground where many rides are available for laughter.

The park also includes an impressive lake and for a very low price you can enjoy peddling by boat and feed the fish at the same time. There is even an underground shelter from the Second World War close to the hippopotamus’ habitat, which is a good entertainment for those interested in a bit of the history of the Second World War in Thailand. We highly recommend the catering center, a large cafeteria where you can enjoy a wide variety of local dishes and desserts. There is also a 7-Eleven, a KFC, a Mama stand, glaciers and refreshment kiosks scattered throughout the zoo. You can even bring your own food and have a picnic as the gardens and benches are shaded.

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