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Coffee Plantation




6:00 am to 06:00 pm

coffee plantations visit are one of the most popular tourist sites in Coorg. There are many ways to enjoy the view. You can opt for a guided tour. It will be a pre-packed tour. You will get a guide and a fixed itinerary. The guide will explain the process of preparing the best coffee beans. They will also take you on an expedition of coffee plantations in abundance where you can enjoy the green and dreamy views, listen to the birds in the trees and soak up the powerful scent of the coffee town. The other way to enjoy a coffee plantation is to live in a property or pavilion close to it.
There are many flourishing estates located among innumerable coffee plantations. It is difficult to find yourself alone but with a guide, it becomes much easier. Many coffee plantation owners offer guided and informative tours around their property and a chance to explore the lush green fields. They even allow you to attend the process and become part of it. You can watch how the coffee beans are picked. Then you can see how they are sorted, refined and roasted. It’s an intriguing process, which takes time and comes out enriched, refreshed and with a broader view of the places we love.

To enjoy a guided tour, you can contact manufacturers such as Tata, Orange County and Bombay Burmah. They all offer personalized tours and special explorations. It is also possible to explore the coffee plantations of the Amanvana Spa Resort. The manager will offer you a guided tour

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