Ancient City Muangboran If you are in Bangkok and are looking for a family attraction away from the crowds of tourists, visit the highly recommended Ancient Siam Park. Located just outside Bangkok, this attraction may still be designated by its original name of Ancient City (Muang Boran), but as it has grown larger, it is probably more accurate to call it under its new name, Ancient Siam. The park has been described as one of the largest outdoor museums in the world. Located southeast of Bangkok, in the Samut Prakan district,

the landscaped park has the shape of a map of Thailand with replicas of buildings and important sites located in the park, depending on their correct geographical location. Preah Vihear, for example, is in the northeastern part of the park, while the replica of the Grand Palace is in the central region.

Some of the buildings are full replicas while others have been reduced. However, experts at the National Museum ensure that replicas are historically accurate. In addition to the old historical replicas, there are restaurants, food outlets and pubs and even a floating market, so there’s plenty to keep you busy

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