Kudremukh trek
Kudremukh trek

Kudremukha Trek Kudremukh National Park is the succeeding biggest Wildlife Protected Area having a place with a humid wet evergreen type of wilds in the Western Ghats. Kudremukh National Park is located in Dakshina Kannada.

Western Ghats are considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Quality magnificence and for being a symbol of natural adjust. The rich greenery of the slopes can never ignore to mesmerize a spirit.

Kudremukh trek trails here in this manner gloat of changing landscapes and captivating perspectives. Streams, bamboo bushes, waterfalls and rich vegetation are a portion of the key attributes of the trek. The experience you have amid the trail will undoubtedly endure forever. Envision trekking along or more the mists. That is a sight to watch.


Short Trek Overview

DAY 0 Trip Starting From overnight trip from Bangalore
DAY 1 Early morning you will reach Kudremukh National Park Entrance Balegal 6 kms off road jeep ride – Trek from mullodi  – kudremukh peak – Reach base camp – campfire
DAY 2 Base camp – small water falls near the home stay. Spend some time in water get freshen up, have breakfast and back to Bangalore.
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bangalore – kudremukh-Bangalore
DEPARTURE TIME Friday – 10.30 PM
RETURN TIME Approximately Sunday  10:30 PM.
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.
 Trek Start Month June 2019
 Trek End Month December 2019






Additional information



Bangalore to kudremukh National park

Kudremukh trek Start from Bangalore. Get together all your new companions at 09:30 PM

– Pick-up from BMC, 80ft Road Indiranagar

09:45 PM – Pick-up from New Shanthi Sagar inn, Domlur

10:00 PM – Pick-up from Lifestyle, Magrath street

This outing would be an overnight journey to trekking in Western Ghats. Kudremukh National Park


kudremukh trek

Today is your day! Your mountain is pausing. So… get on your way immediately travel, we’ll get Kudremukh National Park the following morning. It’s the second biggest natural life ensured zone in the district. Balgal is a little place at the base of Mullodi Hills The street here isn’t suitable for driving unless it is a jeep which takes 30mins to reach our base camp. The jeep course is 6km since quite a while ago encompassed by a little town of espresso homes and a waterfall giving an exciting going dirt road romping knowledge.

Kudremukh Mountains are the start and the finish of all normal scenery.The base camp at Mullodi Hills home stay gives an all encompassing perspective of different pinnacles of Kudremukh. Early morning, spruce up, pack our snacks for the climb and have the most astonishing nearby breakfast. In spite of the fact that there are a few water streams in the middle of the trails. We would ask for you to convey an additional void restrain which you can fill to keep yourself hydrated through the trek The perfect time to begin the climb for the kudremukh top which is 11kms far from the base camp is early morning.

The mountains are calling and I should go You don’t climb mountains without a group

on trail we would go through around 9 – 10 water streams, 3-4 wildernesses and a few pinnacles. A pinnacle that looks like a dairy animals’ face is the Gomukh top and can be seen on the start of the trail. In the wake of intersection the main arrangement of the woodland zone invest some energy at the peace tree which gives an amazing perspective of the glades far away and the encompassing pinnacles.

The entire trail goes through the tropical rainforests and the knolls. There will be crisp water streams that can be utilized to refill water jugs to stay hydrated all through the trek.

Tuning in to water streaming, winged creatures flittering and icy breeze makes you nearer to nature and rouses you to walk all through the mountains and to the pinnacle. There is a lavish green glade before the Lobo House from where the climb begins towards the pinnacle. On the sides there are Mango trees which are a hotspot for shade and also organic product. There is a lofty ascent in the rising from Lobo House

A precarious slant on the Zig-Zag trail associates you to the last trail that aides you to the pinnacle. Kudremukh Mountain is unmistakable all through the trek directing your goal and motivating with its excellence.

After spending some quality time at the peak we would begin plunging through a similar way to homestay for a much anticipated Campfire and hot supper. The homestay gives both veg and non-veg nourishment for supper.


Visit Somavati Falls

The next morning after the sunrise and breakfast we will invest some energy at the Somavati water stream going close to our base camp Click the same number of pictures as you need before we motivate set to make a beeline for Bangalore.


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