Thailand dream paradise by the beach, is a country that has retained its cultural integrity despite being a major tourist destination. You’ll find everything here – from pristine beaches to dense forests, ancient monasteries to coral reefs, Buddhist monks to floating markets, and scented and rich food to treat your taste buds. In addition, the Thai population is among the most hospitable people in the world, which only adds to the overall charm of this place.
Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia, which is why its tourism has grown over time. In addition to the attractions of the country’s capital – Bangkok, Thailand is dotted with rainforests, beautiful white-sand beaches, amazing taverns, beautiful resorts and many historic temples No wonder, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Asia.
Besides sightseeing of some of Thailand’s main attractions, there is plenty to do here. Those planning a visit to Thailand can trust the country’s living beauty for entertainment. Famous for its more than 200 islands, full of pristine white sand beaches, resorts and caves, this country offers a multitude of Thai islands to plan a vacation.
Thailand is full of hundreds of islands. These tiny land masses are scattered throughout the country. These islands are known for their sandy beaches, their unique flora, fauna and marine life. Some of these islands are also popular for adventure sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, cliff jumping and jet skiing. The islands of Thailand have a range of stay options ranging from luxury hotels to cheap holiday homes. Here is a list of the best islands you can explore during your trip to Thailand.

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